Tree Service Suffolk NY

Keep your trees looking good and healthy by giving them regular trimming and pruning. It’s an age old service designed to restore the natural beauty and health of your trees. Trees may also be pruned to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree’s crown or to the landscape below. In most cases, mature trees are pruned as a corrective or preventive measure.

Tree Trimming
    •Correct any previous poor pruning
    •Remove deadwood
    •Selectively remove crossing branches
    •Raise the crown to provide more space under the tree
    •Reduce the crown to lower the tree's height (this is NOT topping a tree)
    •Thin the tree carefully to create more light and air flow

Tree trimming is a common service we provide to our customers. It can be done to enhance the look of your trees, prevent reduction of sight through windows, reduce path blockages (driveways, gates) and make your trees retain their health. Pruning should be done with an understanding of how the tree responds to each cut. Improper pruning can cause damage that will last for the life of the tree, or worse, shorten the tree's life.

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Tree Service Suffolk
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